Gary W. Clark

Author – Photo Historian – Genealogist

Gary W. Clark
20th Century

20th Century Photographs
A Guide to Dating 1900 to 1950 Photos

A must-have for genealogists and family historians, that helps them indentify ancestors in vintage photographs.

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The 20th Century Photographs KwikGuide presents a proven approach to researching and dating 20th century photographs. By following easy to understand clues and comparing images to their own vintage photos, a researcher can easily date early 20th century photographs.. Learn More and Browse Sample Pages

Then and Now

Then and Now
The Seductive Genius of C. D. Gibson

A look at the timeless art and wit of the illustrator
who brought us the Gibson Girl.

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Discover the challenging issues of the early 20th century, including suffrage, corruption, and changing society morals- all humorously captured and critiqued in Charles Dana Gibson's world-famous cartoons, including the iconic Gibson Girl. The similarities with modern 21st century topics are striking. Learn More and Browse Sample Pages